01 / Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is an effective way of cleaning and maintaining a wide range of garments. And we have the latest green technology, solutions and processes to give your garments the care they deserve. While we can’t promise to remove every stain, with proper pretreating and cleaning we can typically remove 95% of stains without damage. Make sure to let us know your concerns when you come in and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you have!

02 / Shirt Laundry

Welcome to our shirt laundry service! Our professional dry cleaning team has the expertise to bring your shirts back to life. We use the latest technology to clean and press your shirts without damaging the fabric. Our service includes spot and stain removal, pressing, and more. You can have your shirts ready and looking sharp in no time.

03 / Alterations & Repairs

The Cleaners provides a full range of repair and alteration services. Our Tailor has been providing service for over 25 years. Never the cheapest, quality is our top concern for your clothes.

From simple repairs to work requiring a full fitting, most repairs take only a few days. Plus we are always happy to quote any work to make sure you get the value you need with no surprises.

04 / Shoe Repair

We all have those shoes that we love, and now you can take care of them the way they deserve!

We’ve partnered with a professional cobbler to provide a full range of shoe repair services, all conveniently located at one easy stop.

Heels, half soles and even full sole replacement can bring the shoes you love back to life. Don’t overlook those other items that need some love too like purses and belts. Cleaning, seams, stitching and altering are just a part of our service to you.

05 / Household

It’s important to clean your household items regularly to maintain their condition, as well as reduce the buildup of dirt, dust, and germs that can cause health problems. It also helps to keep them looking and smelling fresh, which can make your home more pleasant and inviting. We can take care of most of your household needs such as bedding, linens, rugs, draperies and more!

06 / Leather Cleaning & Restoration

Leather cleaning is a specialized form of dry cleaning specifically tailored to your unique garment. Leather cleaning is a valuable investment in the care of your garments. Not only does the cleaning process work to remove the spots, stains and even wear that occurs over time, professional leather care also includes the careful restoration of color and oils that can be lost. Let our experts take care of your suede, leather and fur garments today!

07 / Wash & Fold

Wash & fold services are available to take the load off of you! This is a basic wash service with no prespotting and a fold service with no pressing. It is provided with pricing by the pound!

08 / Laundromat

Come visit us at our new 12th Avenue location located near the Denver Botanic Gardens! At this location, we are excited to offer a full self-serve laundromat for your convenience in addition to our full dry cleaning services.